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- We first half kicked was very excellent
- Qiao Wenke breakthrough
- Chile are punished by reason
- Another scheme is to re-sign and return
- kill to help the team beat Cagliari

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 We first half kicked was very excellent Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

We first half kicked was very excellent, 3-0 of results does not fair, and no real reflect out competition of process," Stramaccioni racing Hou on such of results very does not willing, "but Dang Juan eat to red  nike shox o'leven for sale zhihou, competition on became full different has, dang referee made fined of when, we on realized that has this is how unfortunately, today we and a face has such of accident.

Very good we're back!, This is not an easy game, Pescara kick very careful, for our space is not particularly large, but we played very patiently, space is also looking very "First Review of Manchester Rama Johnny the game," In addition, it is most important to us through the game again to find the confidence to find the kind of feeling in the beginning of the season, as well as the balance in the lineup, This is more important than the victory.

Galliani and AC Milan headquarters is definitely a busy day, because The Turati Street welcomed wave after wave of guests, ten days in the transfer market after the sale and signings negotiations in , negotiations and other club executives, and brokers never relented, and this one, "market" Mesbah agree to leave AC Milan defender revolution signal.

According to Gazzetta dello Sport, "said the nike shox rivalry uk message, Mesbah broker yesterday to the Turati Street, and AC Milan, Adriano Galliani, Braida senior talks, after this Mesbah has agreed to leave AC Milan in joining Parma. Impact has been, although he repeatedly refused to leave AC Milan before, but this time, the Algerians will agree to transfer to disclose Peiduliya, the Mesbah and Parma has reached several agreements.

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 Qiao Wenke breakthrough Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Apart from free kicks, Qiao Wenke breakthrough, correspondence, aura also has a very good effect. 19 minutes, Qiao Wenke with ball, suddenly a single transmission, ball very comfortably into Matt's foot, which directly cushion shot was confiscated by the Amelia. 33 minutes, Motley overhead shot, Acerbi lapse of judgment, Qiao men's nike shox experience Wenke killed after the ball into the area, then tuishe slight discrepancy.

In this regard, the Italian football analysts said Friday after the reply is given, actually Sneijder and brokers Caribbean still wait until a better offer in Galatasaray expressly Sri Lanka within Germany hope to join the Premier League, such as Liverpool, Manchester City, Arsenal, Manchester United or even Chelsea, Benitez, and have had contact with these teams, but also do not have any news.

Balotelli back to Italy? This question often asked by the Italian media, whether it is the aim AC Milan striker signings or Balotelli Inter debut The Manchester City bad boy under the house, while Inter giant Oc Rio said the existence of the right of first refusal.

Slow motion" disclosed more details about nike roshe run men's Juventus Drogba, Berlusconi's media said Marotta and his assistant Gould unwilling to pay the transfer fee for Drogba , so they need to wait for Drogba and the Shenhua finalize matters break up. This time the clash, sitting home unbeaten Parma may not fear the challenge from the leader.

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 Chile are punished by reason Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Chile are punished by reason, is likely to be too relaxed when Christmas and new year holidays, and this relaxed in her private life, being accurately communicated to conti. And the former Juventus captain and player model Conti, this phenomenon is absolutely not tolerated.

Both sides nearly 6 times nike shox tl3 cheap belligerent, Parma 3 wins and 2 losses, into the 9-ball, lost 9 ball, retain some advantages, but at home, Parma only one win, two draws and three losses, the advantage of no, it seems that the data are more favorable to Juventus a big gap between the two teams overall strength, Juve more trustworthy, Juve unbeaten away.

In short, Galatasaray and Inter Milan has long been the release of the deal, had already interchangeable transfer material news, but wait Sneijder's reply, maybe Monday will answer, perhaps continue to wait. The Sneijder transfer does also affects nerve Inter Dima Ji Ao Inter sell Sneijder success will concentrate on steering Corinthians transfer of Brazilian midfielder Paulinho Turin sports newspaper "said Inter Milan in addition to immediately open Paulinho transactions will quickly begin buying process  talented midfielder Quintero.

Fortunately for Juventus fans, there are still some good news. One is sitting stretcher appearance of Marchisio, whose knee injury and there is no less severe than expected, through their Facebook accounts, Marchisio said himself fortunate. But he certainly does not appear in the Italy Cup, Juventus and AC Milan's game. Italy Cup is  nike shox nz mens going, and China also have a relationship. According to the contract, Italy in the Super Bowl in the next two years, another time can be held in China, taking into account the 2014 Brazil World Cup 2013 Italy Super Cup, there are a lot of possibilities in China.

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 Another scheme is to re-sign and return Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Another scheme is to re-sign and return from Rome Rental in Genoa, Borriello, while Rome is also very much hope that Juventus Caceres, editor-in-chief of the "market" the Cressey Diego Los disclose such exchange Although nike shox deliver uk the player's agent happy, "Caceres hope stay in Turin effectiveness." Cressey Diego Luo also said that Juventus hope to be able to see in the next 48 hours to 72 hours Drogba progress of the event, if there are any more in-depth development, then early next week will be able to turn for the better, and if not, Marotta will start to try something new.

Indeed, if it in 10 years, perhaps people would Cassano expressed concern in Rome, Real Madrid, Sampdoria, card Sano have to make a stop training with coach quarrel bizarre behavior, but now he has shrunk, he has been a heavy sense of responsibility on the shoulders. "Full market" after the game, said: "Cassano perhaps unfortunately, failed to stay on the floor to complete the first goal since October over his head all game." Indeed, like Sri Lanka said, "Cassano just want to kick will."

Details of people touched by a game, "Sky Sports television cameras captured Cassano the stands where the opening to Sneijder forced applause! Market, "said Cassano seems to be summoned to Sneijder:" If you're in the field, then to more wonderful, and we need you!

In addition, guojimilandui also stuck by the players of the transfer rumors, after news that English Premier League team Aston Villa hope to 12 nike shox tl1 sale million euros to purchase kudiniao, jade Barbosa has confirmed Aston Villa kudiniao broker quotes messages, "I can confirm that we have received quotes from Aston Villa, and I will respect all kudiniao offer, but this time he left Inter Milan does not have any real operations. "Dimajiao said Inter Milan have denied the transfer to Aston Villa 10 million plus 2 million euro float quotation.

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 kill to help the team beat Cagliari Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Montolivo took the captain's armband after Ambrosini end: the "after Ambrose end, I played is very good, and in that position I played in Florence, in Del Rio - Rossi the men, Michalis men tried, so I think I played well at AC Milan. "Since then, he talked about a third of the competition," until the end of the season, we will continue to cheap nike free 3.0 v4 believe, will not give up hope But we must continue the performance now, focus on the next game at home game against Bologna. "

kill to help the team beat Cagliari, coupled with the game's lore, Montenegro became Juventus letter lore king! Juventus eventually signed Drogba, Vucinic's ability to get more horror show, zebra Army attack force will be greatly enhanced, because that would be the Serie A combination of no solution.

Cassano leave angry? He was only trying to kick for a time, could tell he enjoyed wearing Inter Milan jersey time, he loves Inter Milan, he did not have any problems, I replaced him only for his better able to rest. "After the game, coach Lancaster Rama Johnny explained Cassano problem, in his view, today's Cassano already not guilty of a young man committed the error, more Cassano has a very strong desire to win, this desire even he do not want to miss out on the field every minute.

Of course, if Juventus Matri then let go nike kukini free sale in the winter, the team is bound to the tonic of a striker. According to Sky Sports Senior Reporter Suge Ni said: "Everything smoothly, Juventus is likely to win in which the battle of competition for Drogba." In addition to Drogba, Juventus alternative Dzeko, Llorente Austrian Baptista. Dzeko "full market", said: "Manchester City once a world-class striker, for example Cavani, then Dzeko is bound to leave the club, while Juventus are closely watching this efficient shooter.

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